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Stadium Down

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The Oilers were hosting an NFL Monday Night Football game in the 80’s when they lost an 800 amp circuit breaker. Patriot Switchgear delivered a breaker 3 hours before the game, saving the evening.


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In 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed the New Orleans area. Patriot Switchgear worked with Entergy Utilities in fast tracking the rebuilding of substations with reclosers and switchgear.

Power Down

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When a Northern Minnesota Utility was having recloser issues, Patriot Switchgear was onsite immediately assisting in expert recloser repairs restoring power before the winter months.


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During the 1980’s, the U.S. steel market was collapsing, due to movements to China. Patriot Switchgear assisted many Steel Companies in reclaiming millions of dollars from surplus electrical.


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From California to New York and East Chicago to Houston, Patriot Switchgear has saved refineries, chemical and process companies millions of dollars in downtime, by supplying them with immediate new and obsolete equipment.

Hoover Dam

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The Hoover dam was constructed many decades ago and has an abundance of obsolete electrical. When an important distribution breaker failed, Patriot Switchgear was there with an immediate replacement.

Offshore Oil

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When major offshore oil companies off the Gulf Coast and overseas were in need of distribution and control equipment, Patriot Switchgear was at their heliport immediately with replacement breakers saving oil production hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour with downtime.


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When wind farms in Palm Springs, California were in dire need of new circuit breakers for protection, but needed more funds, Patriot Switchgear assisted in purchasing their existing breakers that helped reclaim tens of thousands of dollars towards their new equipment.

Houston Port

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When the electrical infrastructure in the Port of Houston needed updating before serious failures, Patriot Switchgear was contacted and we assisted in reclamation and supplying pertinent facilities with new equipment for the upgrading of the Ports electrical infrastructure.



When a major earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985, Patriot Switchgear partnered with Surplus First in purchasing and supplying electrical equipment to immediately assist in rebuilding Mexico City’s infrastructure.

Las Vegas

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When the Las Vegas Strip began booming in the 80’s, Patriot Switchgear was there assisting in electrical upgrades and reclamation.

Power Plant

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When a major power plant in Oklahoma was in immediate need of obsolete medium voltage breakers in order to alleviate costly downtime, Patriot Switchgear immediately delivered a replacement saving hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour in downtime.


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